PHYTOPROTECTION is published online.

Multi-users subscription and renewal procedures:

An institutional client, or a subscription agency that represents such a client, who would like to subscribe or renew a subscription to the electronic version of Phytoprotection must contact Erudit ( via e-mail: The duration of an electronic  subscription is established over one calendar year and not according to the journal’s volume number. A subscription runs from January 1 to December 31.

Individual subscription:

Individual subscription to Phytoprotection is automatically included with membership in the Quebec Society for the Protection of Plants ( Members are given access to the electronic version of Phytoprotection of the current volume that are published during the calendar year for which the membership fees have been duly paid.

Details about the Phytoprotection Journal
Phytoprotection ISSN 1710-1630 (numerical)
Société de Protection des Plantes du Québec (
Phytoprotection (
The electronic format can be consulted at the following URL address: