QSPP endowment funds

Creation of the “Quebec Society for the Protection of Plants Foundation”

To celebrate its centenary, the Quebec Society for the Protection of Plants (QSPP) created the Quebec Society for the Protection of Plants Foundation. This Foundation was established to generate annual revenues for the QSPP and to assist the Society in achieving its objectives of creating student scholarships and investing in future generations within the QSPP.  Donations invested in the QSPP Foundation will generate an additional 8% annual income on top of the initial investment (average of the last 10 years). Therefore, a $1,000 donation to the Foundation will have potentially generated an additional $1,000 income after 12 years.

The Foundation created is entitled “Fonds de dotation de la Société de protection des plantes du Québec” (Quebec Society for the Protection of Plants endowment fund) and is administered by the FCGQ (Fondation communautaire du Grand Québec) that manages hundreds of other Funds such as the United Way Fund (view the complete list at: http://www.fcommunautaire.com. The FCGQ is a non-profit organization whose mission is to guide and help organizations like ours create their own foundations and ensure that they are maintained over time. Donations collected by the QSPP are irreversibly transferred to the FCGQ who manages and grows the fund over time. Revenues are transferred to the QSPP as soon as the value of the Foundation reaches $5,000. The QSPP has 5 years to reach this goal.

To manage the Foundation of the Quebec Society for the Protection of Plants, the Society created a committee who is responsible for: 1) promoting the Foundation; 2) soliciting donations (through fundraising activities); 3) ensuring that the Foundation’s income is used in compliance with the QSPP Foundation’s objectives. The committee is also allowed to receive proposals for projects or activities that could be funded by the Foundation’s income. In those cases, proposals must be selected that meet the Foundation’s objectives and must be submitted for approval to the QSPP’s Board.

The objectives of the Quebec Society for the Protection of Plants Foundation are:

1. Disseminate scientific knowledge concerning plant protection;

2. Promote networking between people interested in plant protection;

3. Encourage young scientists who are interested in plant protection;

4. Promote multidisciplinary research in plant protection.

Note: Upon request, for donations greater than $5,000, the QSPP Foundation can create a special fund whose income may be used to pay for an activity of the donor’s choice, provided that it respects the objectives of the QSPP Foundation. For example, a scientist could ask for a special fund to be created that would allow  graduate students to participate in the QSPP annual meeting.

How to contribute:

• When renewing your QSPP membership, add an additional amount in the donation box and it will be added to your payment;

• Others:

Immediate donation: life Insurance (resale value), real estate and other in-kind donations, stocks and shares (listed shares and other securities)
Deferred donation: legacies or trusts, life insurance (death benefit).
• Print and complete a copy of the donation form using the hyperlink below, and send it to the following address:

QSPP a/s Pierre-Antoine Thériault
MAPAQ Direction de l’agroenvironnement et du développement durable
200, chemin Ste-Foy
Québec (Québec) G1R 4X6

QSPP Foundation Donation form

For members wishing to rebuild their donation through an online payment by credit card, click the “Donate” button in the top right corner of the website.

Notes: All can contribute to the Foundation, and no donation is too small or too big. A tax receipt will be issued for any amount at or above $ 10.

For information:

Contact one of the committee members of the Quebec Society for the Protection of Plants:

Valérie Gravel, chair of the committee ; valerie.gravel@mcgill.ca
Phone: 514-398-8132

Pierre-Antoine Thériault ; tresorier@sppq.qc.ca
Phone: 418-380-2150, poste 3178