My “Three minutes Project”

Science outreach competition of the Quebec Society for the Protection of Plants


My “Plant Protection Project in 180 seconds” or “QSPP180” is a science outreach competition organized by the Quebec Society for theProtection of Plants (QSPP). The goal of the competition is a live performance of 3 min (180 seconds) presenting a research project related to plant protection to the public. The objective is to promote the Society’s fields of interest (entomology, nematology, weed science and plant pathology) and encourage students to participate through scholarships. Eligible students must use a single slide (ppt or poster) for a live performance during the QSPP annual meeting at xxxxxxx  on jjjj 00, 20xx.  It will be evaluated by a jury according to the evaluation criteria of the competition and submitted to a public vote.


Be registered full-time in a graduate degree program (Masters or PhD) in a Québec university and have a research project directlyrelated to plant protection (plant pathology, nematology, entomology or weed science);


Be registered full-time in a biology-related program (agronomy, biological sciences, ecology, etc.) and have completed an internship in the laboratory of a QSPP member (in this case, a letter of support must be provided).

Be a member of the Society

Be registered at the meeting


Interested candidates should send a proof of studentship in one of the above-mentioned program and the following information:

– First and last names

– Title

– Name of supervisor

All candidates need to be valid members of the Society at the time of registration.

Visual presentation should consist of a single slide without animation and submitted in electronic format (.ppt ou .pdf) to the organizers on or before xxxx 00, 20xx.


Participants will have until jjjj 00, 20xx at noon EST to register by email:


1. Topic (10 points)

Was the topic related to plant protection? (e.g. entomology, nematology, plant pathology or weed science in agricultural, forestryor horticulture.)

2. Outreach (15 points)

Were the issues, concepts, hypotheses, and scientific approach described in plain language? Were the remarks illustrated with concrete or humorous examples within reach of the audience?

3. Communication and multimedia (10 points)

Was the presentation easy to follow?
Did the candidate articulate well and have an appropriate speaking pace?
Did the use of multimedia tools help to facilitate understanding?

Note: a penalty of 5 points will be applied if time is exceeded

Jury and awards

A jury will be appointed by the Board of Directors of the Society. Winners will be announced during the banquet on June 8, 2017.

Terms and remarks

The performance could be recorded and the resulting videos become the property of the Society.

These videos coud be used to promote the Society.


Two awards will be given by the QSPP for the best presentations:

  • Prize of the jury: 300$
  • Public prize of 200$


Visit or send an email to the following address:

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